Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Welcome

A change in the seasons opens up the opportunity to update seasonal decor whether it is inside or outside of the house or, in my case, apartment. It is fun to do a little bit of both. It helps set the mood of the new season.

This past year, through the help of Pinterest, I have started making my wreaths for my front door. I can be as creative as I want when I make them. They don't take a ton of time and they are fun to do. And no matter what the final outcome looks like, it is never wrong. Changing the stuff on my front door is one of the first things I do when a new season arrives.

I saw ribbon at Hobby Lobby over Memorial Day weekend that I knew I wanted to use for a fall wreath. I worked at The Container Store for almost 6 years and in that time one of the greatest things I learned was how to make a bow. It was become an invaluable tool. I use that skill all the time!

The pumpkin burlap ribbon, along with some fall leaves and sunflowers, made a really pretty wreath. It is a welcoming sight when I come home.

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