Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekend Links - Books Edition

Here are some great posts I found this week while roaming among the 31 Days blogs.

Reading is great...especially in the cold winter months! I think there is something so comforting about reading a good book under a really soft blanket. It's Our Pinteresting Life is doing their 31 Day series on Getting Cozy. That just sounds wonderful! Last week, they listed some great books to read during the cold fall and winter months.

Debbie from Simple Joys of Home also put together a list of books to read through the colder months. Seeing all these wonderful books makes me want to check out from the world and get lost in another.

If you like non-fiction books, the Deliberate Reader is posting 31 Days of Great Non-Fiction. For a long time I was strictly a fiction reader outside of faith-based books. I have started reading non-fiction and have found that I really enjoy them.

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