Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Traditions - Old and New

Is anyone else as shocked as I am that Thanksgiving is next month?!? Where has the year gone?

This year will be my first year hosting Thanksgiving. I am actually really excited about it. This is also my niece's first Thanksgiving. Even though she won't remember it, I want it to be extra special for everyone. For me, Thanksgiving is about togetherness. There happens to be delicious food, too!

Because my extended family is large and very extended, it was usually just my immediate family - dad, mom, brother - for Thanksgiving dinner when we were young. As a family of four, we didn't have too many solid traditions. We did the whole turkey and stuffing thing, but it wasn't formal. We varied our routine a couple of times and celebrated the holiday with other families, but it was never the same. My brother and I still complain about some bad stuffing we had close to 20 years ago. Apparently, we do not like change and are very picky about our stuffing.

As my brother and I got into high school, my parents started inviting other families over for dessert and munchies later in the evening on Thanksgiving Day. It became a tradition. We looked forward to spending time with our friends. Unfortunately, we haven't continued it as my brother and I moved out on our own.

Since the festivities will be at my house this year, I am planning on incorporating some of the same things that we always do, like the stuffing, but also put my own spin on things - make my own traditions. I want everyone to know why I am thankful for them. I will be sharing how I am going to do that in the coming weeks.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?


  1. My favorite holiday of all of them is Thanksgiving

    1. Thanksgiving is such a great holiday! I love the tradition and the family time on that day.