Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Becoming a Couch Potato

With the temperatures dropping, the time for staying curled up inside is fast approaching. So with that comes the start of the fall TV premieres. One of my shows has already started - Castle. I am anxiously awaiting for the other one to start - Scandal. Tomorrow night cannot come soon enough!

These shows rope us in and then leave us hanging for 3 months as we wait to see what is about to happen next. For Castle, it was will Beckett say yes to Castle's marriage proposal or will she take the job in Washington, D.C. For Scandal, it is what is going to happen since Olivia's affair with the president was leaked to the media. Oh, the excitement!!

I don't watch a lot of network TV, so there haven't really been any new shows that have caught my attention as ones that I want to check out. I usually end up watching a few episodes and then forgetting about them.

Have you been eagerly waiting for specific shows to start back up? Have you found any great new shows?


  1. I couldn't wait for NCIS and The Good Wife to start again...both my favorites

    1. My mom is a faithful watcher of NCIS. I really like the show, but never watched it consistently, but I did watch Ziva's final episode and may have shed a few tears at that. I am currently watching Season 3 of The Good Wife on Hulu. I wished I had started watching that one from the beginning!