Saturday, August 9, 2014

Snapshots Into My Life

What I am seeing through my lens this week.

Last week, Toledo had a water crises that lasted for several days. At first we were told that we weren't even to touch the water. Of course, I heard about it after I had brushed my teeth and taken a shower. But this was the line outside of the Costco near Ann Arbor. It was a mad rush to get as much water as you could.

My friend Sheri loves olives. I found these to-go containers of olives at Target, so I had to send a picture to her.

I didn't take this picture of the cutest niece ever, but I had to post it because she is so adorable. I get to see her next weekend and I can't wait!

I am working on ribbon topiaries for my cousin's daughter's first birthday party. I am hoping to get a tutorial up once they are finished, so I am documenting my progress.

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