Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One Mess At A Time - The Dresser

When my stuff arrived from Pennsylvania, most of it was put in the garage. I did have a few heavy pieces that were moved upstairs, like my dresser. For quite a few weeks, it was the only piece of furniture with a flat surface so it became a catch-all for everything. But it was time to get a little order because I hated looking at it.

Some things do not have a place quite yet, but i am trying to at least put them in the right room. For instance, I had all my file folders lying on the dresser. Even though I don't have a spot for them, I put them in the closet of my one-day-will-be craft room/personal office. I did throw away a lot of stuff that had started piling up for no good reason.

I was finally able to pull my jewelry box out of the bag it had been sitting in. My jewelry is now accessible so I can wear it. It also got a good dusting.

On the other side is all the stuff I use to make me smell pretty. In my apartment I had a tray that I put my lotions and sprays on, but I think it is going to find a new home in the bathroom once it is unpacked.

Now I have a clean space in my bedroom. Eventually I would like to get a mirror for above the dresser. But that is another project for another day!

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