Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Mess At A Time - The Bathroom Vanity + A Project Preview

My cleaning schedule has not been very consistent. However, getting ready in the morning (when I actually put in the effort) was getting harder because there was stuff everywhere on the vanity. I had a hard time finding a spot to put my curling iron. Too much stuff and not enough room.

Now I have space. And a clean countertop. It makes me feel much better when I get ready. I may not be an inherently neat person, but a mess can drive me nuts if I let it be for too long.

As you can see from the pictures above, my bathroom has a lovely green tile. It actually doesn't bother me too much and it is in really good shape. The vanity base, on the other hand, is chipping paint and is looking pretty rough. My cousin was going to help me paint the vanity, but she isn't able to make the trip when she thought. So I am going to attempt to tackle it on my own.

It will be my first attempt to paint anything like this. My cousin suggest using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, so that is the plan. I haven't picked my paint color yet. Before I paint the vanity, I want to strip the lovely floral wallpaper that is up, most likely have the walls skim-coated and paint the walls and ceiling a nice crisp white. 

It will be a nice little bathroom when it is all finished. One more project for the list.

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