Monday, February 3, 2014

The Search for Home Sweet Home

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that I thought I had found my house. But I didn't have the emotional attachment I thought I would have for the house I would buy.

We had done some behind-the-scenes work because we thought it was in a flood plain and then it wasn't in a flood plain, so there was some back and forth between the bank and the insurance company to try and figure everything out. Well, before I could go and see it again just to get a better feel, an offer was accepted. I wasn't heartbroken over it, though. I was ready to move forward and look at more houses.

A house came on the market late last week - Thursday or Friday. My mom and I were already planning on going to see more houses with my realtor, so she sent this one over to see if we would like to add it to our day. It was a definite yes!

It was in the area that I wanted to be in. It is a decent size. It does need some updating, but it is a place where I could really see myself living for a long time. Going to see the property confirmed my feelings about the house. I really liked it. I had the emotional connection!

So, I put in an offer yesterday…and it was accepted! I thought I might get a counter offer, so I was so excited to hear that they accepted what I offered!

So now all the technical not-so-fun stuff happens when buying a house - home inspection, appraisal, large chunks of money flowing out of the window. But this can be home. I am praying that everything else goes smoothly from here!

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