Monday, February 10, 2014

Love in a Single World

It would probably be safe to assume that as a single person, I would view Valentine's Day as a Hallmark holiday that doesn't deserve to be recognized. But, I actually love Valentine's Day. It probably has something to do with pink and sparkly things that all of the sudden seem completely acceptable on a day focused on luv. I personally think they are acceptable at any time.

Sure…it would be nice to have a special someone in my life to dote on, but I do have special people in my life. I have a family that I love to pieces. And of course, my adorable fur baby, Luna. They are deserving of a little doting.

I also think that Valentine's Day is on my radar, because it creates a little bright spot in all the gloom that makes up winter. In Ohio, we have had almost 70 inches of snow. We just got another 4 inches on Saturday night. Even as a winter-loving person, I am anxious to see some green and growing things. But smack dab in the middle of February, there is red and pink and hearts galore! I love walking into Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joann Fabrics and seeing all the pretty fabrics and decorations. It makes me happy!

So even though I am as single as they come, I am looking forward to a week spent focusing on other people. What is the point in being down in the dumps about something that I have no control over. I am not going the fact that I don't have romantic love ruin the love I have for my friends and family.

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