Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Tea

I enjoy tea, not so much in the morning because I drink coffee. But in the afternoon or at night, it is quite enjoyable. There is something very relaxing about it. Last weekend, my church hosted a women's tea. But they needed women to actually host the tables. Even though I know quite a few people at my new church since it was my old church, it was a great way to jump into serving in the church. Even though it was only for a few hours.

Trying to figure out what theme to have for my table was rather daunting. Since it was the weekend before Valentine's Day, I thought it would be a fun theme to have. I picked a centerpiece that I wanted to make and had several other ideas, but the cost was getting to be a little too high and my time was getting a little too low. So that theme was scrapped.

After walking around Hobby Lobby several times, I saw some black chargers that were 50% off. SCORE! My theme was going to black and white - easy and classic. But now about the tableware. As a hostess, I needed to provide a table cloth, plates, water glasses, tea cups and saucers, flatware and a centerpiece. All of my dishes are in Pennsylvania so I was a little out of luck there. Thankfully, Toledo is home to Libbey Glass, so I was able to get some glass plates for relatively cheaply. I also bought water goblet for $1. Another bonus buy!

So now it was time to decorate the table. This is a little more fun for me. I had an idea in my head, so I was moving full steam ahead. My mom helped to prep the food, so she was able to give me a little insight to what was already up on the tables. I used roses for my centerpiece from an image I found on Pinterest. I was really pleased with how it turned out.

I even did a fancy little napkin fold. It was actually pretty easy thanks for the step-by-step directions I found. By the way, what did we do before the internet?

All in all, the event was great. The food was so yummy! And the company was great. Now I have a full year to decide what I am going to do next year.

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