Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Pain Of Moving

As I have mentioned before, I am in the process of moving back to Ohio. I still have my apartment in Pennsylvania for a few more months, so there wasn't a need to pack everything up right away.

I was back on Saturday because I had to return my cable and internet equipment. I was a little annoyed about the trip because I was supposed to return my when I left before Christmas, but I couldn't disconnect the cords because they were screwed on too tight. So I came back with a little tool to help me with the task.

I drove the 4 hours over there, cleaned up a little bit so it would be presentable to any prospective renters, returned the equipment and drove the 4 hours home. I went to Comcast on a Saturday, so traffic was much lighter than it would have been the Friday before Christmas. I realized that because of construction and detours, there would have been no way for me to return the equipment when I would have wanted. I think that would have made going back much more frustrating.

When I was in my apartment, I did get the sickening feeling have having to pack all that stuff up. Stuff….way too much stuff. Hopefully, I will have a little time and can go back on a few weekends. My landlords listed my apartment, but of course there isn't a guarantee that anyone will be interested. Even though it is a nice little place in Pittsburgh.

I am always so worried about my own schedule and getting things done when I think they need to be done. If I would instead rely on God's timing, I would realize that He has a perfect plan. He knows if I will have to move my stuff before March or if I won't. He knows when I will find my new house and that it will be the right one for me. And God is not looking at my timetable.

My whole job situation has turned out to be an incredible blessing that I would have never dreamed about. But God knew what would be happening in my life and all that I would be able to do because of it. And it was in His timing.

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