Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas in Wisconsin

My family was finally able to celebrate Christmas together. We knew we were going to celebrate in January, but it seemed so far removed from December 25. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures. However, I do have some of my beautiful niece. I just love her so much!

It was nice to have a relaxing weekend to spend together. Our celebration of Christmas really only consisted of opening presents. The rest of the time was spent enjoying the time together. It wasn't rushed and we didn't feel overly extended. We missed the busyness of the holidays by getting together in January.

My mom's birthday was Saturday, so it was an extra special weekend. My sister-in-law let it slip to the restaurant hostess that it was my mom's birthday. So she was surprised with singing by the wait staff and an apple dumpling with cinnamon ice cream. The ice cream was so good!

It is always had to leave, but I am very fortunate to have a family that enjoys spending time together. It isn't a frustrating experience and I leave wishing we lived closer together. Being far away is hard, but it makes the time together that much sweeter.

The holidays are now officially over for me, so I feel like life can return to normal. So, to honor that, I am joining a gym tonight and that story is definitely to be continued!

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