Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snapshots Into My Life

Here is what I am seeing through my lens.

Some after Christmas shopping! Cannot wait to decorate this pastel tree next year. I just have to buy the tree.
My old high school hosts a basketball tournament during the Christmas break. Going back there brought back a lot of memories. Especially since the cheerleaders are still doing the same cheers I did in high school.

Luna has found a new spot at my mom's house. She will also just sit here because she has two different windows to look out at her surroundings.

My brother texted his good friend, Chris, and told him to tackle my mom when he saw her. After I sent him this picture he said that Chris should take her out at the knees. My brother is so sweet.

The first major snow of the season. What a mess! But it makes me appreciate working from home.

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