Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Did I Walk Into? Part 2

I shared pictures of the downstairs yesterday. Thankfully, the upstairs really only required painting. Even though painting is the only thing that needed to be done, it was quite a bit of painting.

This is the master bedroom. The closet is what makes it the master bedroom. The closet is over 10 feet wide. But the Pepto Bismol pink has to go! Everything is pink...the walls, the trim, the windows, the outlet covers, the outlets. However, walking into that room should help with indigestion. :)

This room is going to be my craft room and home office. I chose this to be the craft room because it has 2 windows to bring in lots of outdoor light. The paint job really isn't that bad. It just isn't the color I would choose.

This room is going to be my work office. It is the smallest of the bedrooms Since I work from home, I wanted a place where I could close the door to separate my home from work. This allows me to do that.

This room is staying as-is for a little while. It will be a spare bedroom, but I don't know what I want to do with it quite yet. And I don't have a bed to put in there anyway, so it will be completely empty.

These rooms have great hardwood floors. Nothing needs to be done with them. Someday, I wouldn't mind staining them to be a darker color. But that project is years down the road.

These rooms won't have dramatic before and after pictures, but they will look so much nicer when they are painted and decorated.

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