Thursday, January 8, 2015

Slow and Steady

Have you made a resolution to be healthy? I make that resolution almost every year, and nothing ever happens. I always have good intentions, but intentions don't help me lose weight.

I am taking a different approach to being healthy this year. I am focusing on small areas that will (hopefully) lead to bigger changes. This week, I am focusing on sleep and water.

I like to go to bed early and I can usually get right out of bed and start moving. But the last few months, I have been going to bed later, which means that I am more tired when I wake up, but I still stay up late and then i am more tired the next day. It was a vicious cycle. So this week to help balance my sleep out, I have been trying to have lights out at 10. It hasn't worked out this way every night, but I am making an effort. I have also stopped using my iPad at 9, which I think helps wind me down after the day. I have been waking up more refreshed, so this is definitely a habit I want to keep working at.

I like water. I can drink it just as it is without any issue. I have not been drinking enough of it. Instead of buying individual water bottles, I bought gallon jugs. Then I can fill up my own glass or water bottle. I have noticed that I am drinking a lot more water, which is better for my health all around. Yesterday, I started adding a few drops of lemon essential oil into my water. It is a nice little addition!

Next week, I want to start going to the gym. I have been paying for a membership for almost a year. I think it is time to start using it. :)

Have you made any health resolutions?

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