Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feathering My Nest 2015

A new year and so many projects I want to complete. I have been making mental notes about what I would like to do in my house this year. Some projects are bigger than others and some cost more money than others.

I would really like to make the entry way a little prettier. I even wrote about this area back in October.  I have found a few tables that are the perfect size, but I haven't found one that I just have to have. So the search continues.

Growing up, my parents always had a picture wall. Now with the help of Pinterest, picture walls themselves have become a piece of art. This is the future home of my picture wall. It is in the hallway that leads to my kitchen, so it is one that I pass all the time. We had family pictures done in December, so I have plenty to choose from. But it is another project I want to check off my list.

It isn't just the picture wall that I want to complete, I have one thing hanging in my house. One thing. I have a lot of walls to fill. This spot is in my family room and I want to use some pictures that my dad took to fill this space.

I love these built-ins, but they are looking pretty bare at the moment. They need a little love to look more put together.

My dining room table and chairs came from an estate sale. One of the chairs is in really bad shape, so they need to be recovered. I know exactly what fabric I want, which is half the battle. But like most projects, it is a matter of time and money.

My upstairs bathroom has a bright future even without a major renovation. My cousin is coming in a few weeks and is hopefully going to paint my vanity. I am super excited about this. I need to get the peeling wallpaper down and paint, but this bathroom can be a keeper for a long time to come. I am even thinking about a new countertop. This would really put some life into this small space.

I know these aren't the only things that I want checked off my list, but they are some of the major ones. I am looking forward to accomplishing a lot to make my house feel more like home. Do you have lots of home updates planned?

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