Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to the World, Brynley Cadence!

Are there dates in your life that all the sudden have a new meaning? Yesterday was one of those dates. I woke up like any other Thursday until I read the text message my brother had sent several hours earlier. "At the hospital. Baby is coming soon!!!" That message completely changed my perspective on the day. And then a few hours later, I received a picture of my beautiful, newly-born niece, Brynley Cadence.

To say I was beaming would probably be an understatement. This precious little girl had made her entrance into the world after months of anticipation. August 22 now has new meaning. As a family, we will celebrate her birth for, God-willing, years to come.

Her birth gave me a new title...aunt. I look at my aunts to see the special places they have in my heart. Of course, I am closer with some more than others, but they are women I love dearly.

Since my brother lives in Wisconsin and I am in Pennsylvania, I am not going to meet my new niece until the end of September. But I can't wait to shower her with love and spoil her. Since isn't that my job as an aunt? Spoil her rotten and then give her back to her parents.

I am so excited to be an aunt, but I am more excited to have a niece. I am at a point in my life where I don't know if I want my own children. However, that doesn't mean that I don't want to be around kids. So I figure that being an aunt is the best of both worlds.

It is hard to believe that my brother is a dad. Even before Brynley was born I could see how much my brother was enamored with her. She has him wrapped around her tiny little finger. My brother and I were fortunate to have a dad who loved us and wanted to spend time with us. Unfortunately, Brynley is not going to have the opportunity to meet him, but I know that my dad's influence will show through the way my brother loves his little girl.

Brynley, I am so happy to finally see your sweet face! I love you more than you can possibly know. But your Heavenly Father loves you even more. He knit you together for His purpose. I pray you seek Him with your whole heart. I love you, my dear girl! Auntie Colleen

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