Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happiness in the Little Things

I had a pretty crummy day at work yesterday. I was frustrated with people who thought they should do my job, which I then had to fix what had been done. One of the programs I use to create a newsletter was not cooperating with me. And then traffic was TERRIBLE on the drive home. People were not always courteous when trying to get where they needed to be. Unfortunately, I was also not very courteous to other drivers on the road. I just wanted to get home and stay home. However, that isn't an excuse to be a mean driver.

My mood significantly changed when I pulled into my driveway. On my porch was an Amazon box. I had been tracking the package and thought it was going to come today, so it was a pleasant surprise. Inside this box was my order of plastic containers! I know that does sound too exciting, but I was a happy girl.

Let me explain a little bit. I am an avid Food Network fan. A couple of my favorites are The Pioneer Woman and Barefoot Contessa. Specifically on Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten uses similar plastic containers. I liked the size of them because they aren't bulky. And the best part is that they all use the same lid, which will hopefully be a blessing in my very storage-limited kitchen.

So now that I have all these storage containers, I need to fill them with stuff. I have grand visions of making my own chicken stock and taking advantage of summer's bounty by making my own pesto. These will also be great for soup and chili, which I like to make in the colder months, which are quickly approaching.

Once I wash them, they will be ready to use. I am excited to start making things to put in them. I am hoping to have a stocked freezer with all kinds of yummy things.

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