Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bed Dilemma

All the bedrooms in my house are roughly the same size. What makes my bedroom the "master" bedroom is the size of the closet. It is by far the biggest and has a his/her quality to it. Although I claim it all as my own. The one down side to my bedroom is the lack of options when it comes to arranging furniture. And my bed was no exception.

For about a year, I had my bed at an angle. It was right in between the 2 windows and I had room to walk around it when I made it. But it took up so much space. I also got a little bored with this.

So I moved it. I am limited to this side of the room because the other wall that could be used has a dresser against it.

But the side of the bed was right against the wall. It was such a pain to try and make because I was having to move it. I also don't think Luna was really thrilled with this option.

So I moved it again. This is the option I like the best. I have so much more floor space even with a little bit of room to walk around the bed.

I am also going to get 2 more curtains. When the bed was in the middle it wasn't too bad only having one curtain on each window, but now I don't like it. Now I have to decide what to put above the bed.

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