Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beautiful Blueberries

My mom and I have been taking advantage of the fruits and vegetables that grow in this area - strawberry picking, joining a CSA and a few weeks ago, we went blueberry picking.

On the way up to the orchard, my mom said that she wanted to do something fun this summer. I asked if she wasn't having fun by just going up to pick blueberries, but I knew she meant doing something special. Being a girl on limited means, special usually means money will be involved. The last few years, I haven't gone anywhere or been on an exciting vacation. I haven't even taken time off just to stay at home and get projects done around my house.

I am okay with that. I am a fall and winter girl, so I grin and bear the heat until the weather cools down. So on a hot and muggy Saturday in mid-July, my mom and I grabbed our buckets and made our way to an orchard full of blueberry bushes or trees (not sure which one it is). The branches were loaded with big beautiful blueberries.

It didn't take much effort to fill our buckets. Even though I was hot and sweaty, I really did enjoy myself. It was quiet and my mind wasn't racing with a hundred different things. That time was special.

I took my 10 pounds of blueberries home with me and made some blueberry sauce and blueberry butter. And my freezer is stocked with frozen blueberries, so I can enjoy the taste of summer even when it is freezing outside.

My mom and didn't plan any fun things to do during the summer. But we are going to see my nieces twice in August and I couldn't ask for a better way to fill my late summer days!

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