Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Mess At A Time - The Dining Room

Welcome to the biggest mess in my house - the dining room table. While my kitchen was being worked on, my dining room table was the only flat surface downstairs, not including the floor. On top of that, when my contractor started, I wasn't completely prepared so I was throwing stuff there at the last minute while they were getting started.

Because of all the dust from the construction process, these lovely marks were left on my table. Everything had this thick coating of dust. It was gross. A lot of the stuff on this table needed to be thrown away anyway, so nothing was ruined. Purging is always such a great feeling.

A clean table! Since I am still waiting to get furniture for the downstairs, this is the only room that looks like it is lived in. I enjoy walking in here now.

This cabinet from Target has lived in several states with me - Illinois, Pennsylvania and back to Ohio. It is so heavy! Even though, it is not something that I want to keep forever, it has a spot in my dining room for right now. I am sure I will be able to fill it up.

Next, I have to decorate. But for now, I can at least walk in the room without tripping over random stuff. Just like everything else, this is a work in progress.

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