Monday, September 1, 2014

Kitchen Reno Week 11

Week 11...and it still isn't finished! Last week my frustration level was high. It is about ready to break through now. You can't expect to finish a kitchen if you only work about 8 hours during the week. I digress. The backsplash has been started, but not finished.

I didn't want anything too fancy because I didn't want anything trendy and run the risk of not liking it in a few years. Subway tile fits that bill, but this tile has a little something extra to it.

The tile has a bevel to it. Since the countertop has a little bit of sparkle, the bevel helps to dress up the tile a little bit more.

It does look really nice even without being grouted.

My microwave was installed, but since there isn't any electrical I can't use it yet. Once it is finished, I know I will be super happy. I am trying to grin and bear it until then.

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