Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kitchen Reno Week 12

This is the last kitchen reno update! Why? BECAUSE IT IS DONE!!!! I am a little excited about it.

I have reclaimed my home. No more lock box on the front door. No more people coming and going during the week. No more construction noises. No more!

Now I can look beyond all those things and start using a functional and beautiful kitchen. The whole renovation process was a learning experience for me. as a new homeowner. It would have been really naive to think that everything would have gone perfectly and smoothly. No unexpected surprises popped up, but the length of time did go way beyond my expectations. But on the flip side, I would rather have a kitchen that took a lot longer to finish than one that was slapped up and will be full of potential problems.

The kitchen looks so much better than I even imagined in my head. The crown molding provides such a nice finishing touch.

I have begun adding some of my red accents, which is helping to warm up the space. My beloved Kitchenaid has found it's home. I think it is pretty happy in its new spot.

I have already started using the kitchen by cutting and freezing 12 green peppers on Saturday. The dishwasher has already gotten a work out, cleaning all unpacked dishes.

The kitchen is already a mess as I try to get it organized. So while the renovation project is done, there is a lot more to come!

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