Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One Mess At A Time - The Desk

Full disclosure...I am a messy person. I really wish I wasn't, but I am. And living in 2 rooms of my house isn't helping with the messy situation.

In an effort to tackle my messy situation, I am trying to work on one area at a time. I know that once my kitchen is done and I am not upstairs as often, things will not get any better. I will have less motivation to actually clean up and organization.

My desk may be a small area, but I don't want to get too overwhelmed. :) I started here because this is where I sit a lot of the day. I work from home and need a spot that can be completely devoted to my job. I didn't want it mingling with my personal stuff for a few reasons. I don't want to get distracted by other things I may want to do during the day and I want to be able to close the door on work when I do need to do personal work.

My desk sits in front of the window. It is a nice little view, but it is a small desk. A few papers can make this small desk look very cluttered, which it can become rather frequently.

Thankfully, I am able to use these cute glittery containers. I made these last year for my sister-in-law's baby shower. They were a super easy Pinterest project. Now they hold pens, pencils and paper clips.

So one little area that is cleaned up...for the moment. I will be continuing to work on these little projects upstairs so when the time comes, I can tackle the downstairs.

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