Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kitchen Reno Week 5

I haven't been keeping up with my kitchen reno updates very well. There was a little delay over the July 4th holiday  and now things are moving forward again.

I did the painting, and I am pretty proud of my work. I used the same color paint that is in the living room. Since my wall space was going to be so much more limited, I really didn't want to add another color to the downstairs. The color is an almost perfect match to the cabinets. It is incredible.

The biggest change is that the cabinets are finally in!! The empty space is finally starting to look like a kitchen. This idea that I have had in my head for months is finally coming to reality.

I am starting to envision using the kitchen and thinking about where things should go.

I have a blank spot. My walls shrunk by half an inch so the cabinets had to be rearranged slightly and one new cabinet had to be ordered.

Now the flooring is going in and the countertops will be templates this week. The end is starting to come into sight!

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