Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reflections On Father's Day

The last three Father's Days have been bittersweet for me. Bitter because my dad isn't here to celebrate, but sweet because I had a father I want to celebrate. So just because he is gone, doesn't mean I can't celebrate him.

I have so many good memories that include my dad and the man he was. He showed what it meant to love his country and his family. He always put us first, never wanting the spotlight to be on him. He was always doing things for other people because he hated sitting around doing nothing. Unfortunately, that isn't a trait I picked up because I love sitting around and wasting time. :)

My dad and I did share some common interests, though. He loved to bake and I enjoy being in the kitchen too. He took pictures all the time. He taught me a lot about using a camera, not that I am any where close to being as good of a photographer as he was. The number of his pictures we have is unreal. Pictures everywhere! But don't ask him to be in the picture. He wasn't a fan of being in front of the camera.

Even though my dad is gone, we have a new dad in our family. Today is my brother's first Father's Day. His daughter has him wrapped so tightly around her precious little finger and he probably doesn't want to be anywhere else. It is amazing watching him with her. He had a great example of what a dad should be. And I know he is going to continue to be a great dad.

Happy Father's Day!!

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