Monday, June 23, 2014

Kitchen Reno Week 1

My kitchen remodel is officially underway! I usually only see this kind of stuff done on HGTV. This week consisted of demolition, but I can already see the new kitchen taking shape.

All the cabinets and countertop were gone on day one. It was already a big difference.

I have a new ornament for the front of my house. A huge dumpster is sitting in the driveway holding the remains of my former kitchen. I was definitely not sad to see it go.

The electrician was able to get all of his preliminary stuff done. There is going to be plenty of light in this room.

See those little gray boxes on the wall? Outlets, lots of outlets! This is only one corner. Even this little bit makes me so excited to see the rest of it to come together.

Next comes the drywall!

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