Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Backyard Un-Beauty

One day, I hope to have a post titled Backyard Beauty. One day....

That day is not going to come unless I put quite a bit of sweat equity into the backyard I have now. I have a big backyard. It is a great size and of course, Luna loves it. However, it is far from being a relaxing hang out. There are few things that needs to be taken out like the rusted clothes hanger. Every time I mow, I am terrified that I am going to hit my head.

The previous owners of my house were an elderly couple, who I believe kept their yard up while they were physically able. I know they even had a garden for a while. Unfortunately, the remnants of the garden are still visible. I even found some rhubarb growing along the fence this year.

Last spring during my first backyard clean up, I found several barren spots where leaves had sat all winter in addition to the huge barren area on the right side. Late last fall, I discovered why the grass may have stopped growing. Because of the trees in my yard, as well as my neighbors' yards, a thick carpet of fallen leaves covers the ground.

This pile of leaves is all from my backyard. Thankfully, they were out by the curb in time for the city to pick them up.

This year, I am seeing a little bit of growth where there had previously been nothing. I am going to put grass seed down in the fall and probably again next spring. In the meantime, there is plenty of work to do as my yard moves forward to become a backyard beauty.

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