Monday, May 4, 2015

Learning to Breathe, Pt. 5

Temperatures are finally getting warmer. Flowers are beginning to bloom. Trees are starting to bud. Summer is on its way.

One of the reasons I wanted to focus on learning to breathe this year is because I often feel distracted. I want to be doing something else besides what I am doing. I think it comes from the monotony that is life - working, cleaning, being a responsible adult. Sometimes there isn't a lot of extra room to just be.

In the recent weeks of nice weather, Luna and I have gone to the park to walk the trails. It is a time to get away from life's noise and enjoy the early signs of Spring. Although going for walks isn't always exciting, it is a short time break - a time out. I can breathe in the fresh air and be without expectation. Not only are these walks good for my health, but they are good for my soul.

And Luna can release some excess energy. As your can tell from the video below, she gets a little excited when she goes to the park.

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