Thursday, May 7, 2015

Glass City Marathon 2015

Late April means one thing around here...The Glass City Marathon! Of course, I only participate in the 5k, but it is still fun!

Of course, one reason to participate is the free T-shirt and all the other freebies. This year's design was really nice. Some of the past years have not been that great.

Moment of honesty - exercise is not my thing. I was in no way even going to attempt to run one step, but I am all for walking. It was a nice way to start the morning. And I got a medal! I think I should get a medal every morning when I actually function during the day. 

I may not enjoy myself during the 5k, but it is always fun to hang out with dear friends who are much more fit than me. My friends, Chris and Drew, ran the half marathon that morning. Maybe someday I will run...wishful thinking.

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