Monday, March 24, 2014

Boxing Up Home

I hate moving. In the past 7 years, I have moved 5 times. I am ready to be done. All of those moves for were a reason other than moving to a new apartment.

  1. Moving into my first apartment out of college
  2. Moving into an apartment closer to work
  3. Moving to Pennsylvania
  4. Moving into an apartment closer to work
  5. Moving to Ohio
Even so, I am tired of moving. I am closing on my house this week…finally! And I am hoping and praying this will be the end to my days of moving. I was fortunate to find a house that I could stay in for a long time. I want to grow to absolutely love my home and the memories that are created there. It is the first place I can truly make my own and have wall colors other than beige.

But before any of that happens, I have to move all my stuff. I would think packing and all that comes with it would be a deterrent to move. It is a pain. Going through stuff, realizing that you haven't looked at some things for years and really don't need it anymore. It is a little depressing packing the things you value or much (or think you value) into boxes. 

But in a few weeks, those boxes will be unpacked so the stuff inside can find a new place to collect dust. :) It is a part of creating a home. Old things will be donated or thrown out. New things will take their place, but it will be home.

Maybe Luna won't sleep through the process this time.

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