Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back to the Heartland

I am moving back to Ohio! I almost don't even think that it is really happening. God has completely shown his faithfulness to me over the past few months. I was planning on moving back at the end of my lease but with my job changes, the opportunity to move came about much sooner.

My landlord was extremely gracious in working with me. They haved asked that I wait until the end of March. I was hoping for the end of January, but I am still happy with the compromise. My lease was up in August and I know they didn't have to let me go early. That was a big relief.

I was home last weekend. While it is my hometown, I have lived out of the area for almost 10 years. But I felt very much at home. It was a wonderful feeling and I am going to be close to my mom, which I am happy about.

My mom and I have been talking about where I would go to church. In my heart, I would love to be a part of a church body with a good singles' population. But I know that is probably not going to be available. I was at my mom's church, which is where I had gone when I lived there, but there is such a feeling of being with family and people who care about me. On Sunday, I finally vocalized that I was moving back and I received such a warm response. I felt very loved!

I also have the opportunity to purchase my first home and that is an exciting prospect. I haven't made any decisions, but I really like the idea of being settled and making a space completely my own.

So I am going to start the transition of being home the week of Christmas. I will being taking some weekends to pack up my things and take my time moving out, which is also a big relief...because I HATE moving! It is really not a fun thing to do.

I am so excited to be moving back and getting back to the Heartland!

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