Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thankful for What?

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy. I was so proud of myself for finishing and completely 31 posts during the month of October. I planned and prepared so I could post. They were not all my best work, but I was really happy that I finished. Then November hit.

Besides working on all my posts for October, my work life was tossed up into the air and I was waiting to see where all the pieces fell. A division of the company I worked for was acquired by a competitor. Because the majority of my responsibilities revolved around this division, my position was also acquired. As with any merger or acquisition, there is a real fear that I could lose my job. There was a lot of uncertainty, including where, as in location, was I going to work. The division is headquartered in Chicago. The new company is headquartered in New York. I am in Pittsburgh. Was this now going to be an issue?

In the month since the acquisition was announced, I am feeling much, much better about my position with the new company. Earlier this week, I traveled in New York to meet my new boss. I had talked with her several times on the phone and already liked her. Meeting her face to face reinforced how great she is. Not only that, but the offices are in New York City!

I have been to New York a handful of times. Never have I gone as a 100% tourist. I have always been there for other things. I have done a little sightseeing, but not a lot. However, the views from the office provided some pretty spectacular views. The office is in the Financial District in lower Manhattan. Their conference room has a view of the Statue of Liberty. And HR has a view of Freedom Tower. It was pretty cool since I don't have a view at all.

Why is that? Because I am not a remote worker, which means I work from home. And even better….I can work from any where, so I can freely move back to Ohio without worrying about finding a job. And will still be able to go back to New York to see their fantastic views.

This acquisition has been a blessing in disguise. Through some conversations earlier this week, I have been presented with some pretty great opportunities and I can't wait to start them. Who knew that I would be thankful for an acquisition?!?! Well, God did. He knew this would be happening in my life. This is a complete blessing that He has bestowed upon me. But even more than that, I need to show my thankfulness by doing my job well. In this day in age, job security cannot be taken for granted. And I definitely don't want to forget that.

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