Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Learning to Breathe, Pt. 4

Are you busy?? I am busy, but I am slowly starting to feel more settled in my busyness. Maybe that is why I have been ignoring my little piece of cyber space. It isn't going to stop so I am learning to take moments to breathe and just stop.

My evenings seem to fill up which hasn't always been the case. I am relishing the evenings that I can just stay home. When I worked in an office I tried to do all my running around after work because Saturday was my one day to be home. Now I don't mind going out on Saturdays and running errands because I get to be home during the day and get some housekeeping done like laundry.

One thing that I do, not so consistently, is to reflect on and write down what I am thankful for in that moment. I want my thankfulness journal to be more than just being thankful for another day. They are specific things that have just happened or are happening. Being able to look back at what I have been thankful for months prior is also really encouraging.

I am trying to be more consistent with my journal because those are short moments in my day where I can breathe.

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