Friday, November 14, 2014

One Mess At A Time - The Office Bookcases

Is it really the middle of November already? The last few weeks have gone by so fast. The holidays are just a round the corner and I am not ready for them at all.

I am having a Christmas Open House in a few weeks, so I am trying to get things organized. In addition to the people who will be coming that are local, my cousin and her family, as well as my brother and his family, are coming. Neither have been here since I moved in, so I want to make sure everything is perfect.

I look at these bookcases in my office every single day and it just got the point where I couldn't stand looking at them anymore. They were such a mess. Books everywhere and the dust was unbelievable.

So it was time to organize these things. I started filling the bookcases because I sounded like I was in a hole when I was on my work phone. Everything echoed.

The first step was cleaning them all off and dusting them. I was already starting to feel better.

I wasn't too wrapped up about making them pretty. This is where the bulk of my books are going to go. They didn't need to be in alphabetical order, but I wanted some order to them. I grouped my books by category. On the bookcase closest to the door, I added my Christian fiction and Christian living books.

The second bookcase is a little more sparse because I still have boxes of books in the garage that still need to be unpacked. That will eventually happen, but probably not until after the holidays.

Getting my house organized is work in progress, but at least it is in progress.

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