Friday, October 3, 2014

Welcoming Autumn

I finally have a front porch that I can decorate! In my last apartment, I had a little landing that I would decorate. It is nice to walk up to the front door and see pieces of autumn welcoming me home.

I made my wreath last year. The ribbon is from Hobby Lobby. I saw it around Memorial Day of last year and knew that I had to do something with it. It became the foundation point for my wreath. The leaves and sunflowers are randomly placed around the bow. One problem I am having this year is that my storm door smushes my bow. I tried to fluff it up a bit for the picture.

I bought mums at the farmer's market last weekend. They are huge and were only $5! A great buy. The container they are in left a little to be desired. I really wanted an apple basket or something simple to put the flowers in. Thankfully, Michaels had the perfect options. These cute baskets are the perfect size. One says Autumn and the other says Welcome, so I can use it all year long.

My pumpkins are making a statement on the porch as well. The bigger one sits by the pillar by the step so it can be seen from the driveway.

The other is sitting next to my Welcome ladder in the corner. I didn't get a good picture of it, but it is because I really need to sweep my porch and that spot is particularly messy. :)

I am really looking forward to decorating my porch for all the holidays and seasons. How are you decorating your porch?


  1. Hi, Colleen! I really like your glitter painted pumpkins. We recently bought a new house too, and I've been excited to finally get to dress up the front porch. Buying pumpkins is one of my goals this week!

    1. Congrats on the new house, Emily! I love having a porch that I can finally decorate. Also, I haven't had any more critters nibbling on my pumpkins since I painted them. Hopefully it is keeping them away.