Monday, December 22, 2014

Rustic Christmas Tree

I am loving my family room more and more with each passing day. One of the reasons at the moment is my beautiful Christmas tree.

When I bought my house, I knew that I wanted my family room to be cozy. Naturally, I wanted that same feeling at Christmas time. With a few additions to decorations I already had, my rustic Christmas tree came to life.

I saw this Crate and Barrel tree collar on Instagram and knew that it needed to a part of my tree. I absolutely love it! It is a nice change from a tree skirt.

Burlap had to be incorporated into this tree somehow. It became the garland and is a nice accent.

Many moons ago,  I learned how to make bows for gift packages. I have made larger bows for  my trees in the past, but didn't feel like it would work for this tree. I also had no other idea of the direction I wanted to go. While roaming through Pier 1, I found this reindeer that is actually a really large ornament. It ended up being the perfect tree topper. It is just the right size.

The last addition was ting. Hobby Lobby had a glittery white kind that added a little flair.

The family room inadvertently also because the reindeer room. In addition the tree topper, I had these fun sparkly reindeer ornaments.

I have had these purple ornaments for over 10 years -  before I even had a tree. I am happy that they worked with the new rustic theme. It gave the tree some color and it really pops.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is a few days away. Are you ready??